Women 4 Social Change is a non-profit organization that strives to provide women throughout the world with an online platform to advocate for social change.  The primary goal of the organization is to unite women who are interested in working on social change together by finding people with similar goals and aspirations. The secondary goal is to create a network for women where they can get support from other women. The combination of these two goals manifests in different forms such as local projects, support groups, workshops, and other events. 


Jalpa Shah

Director of Women 4 Social Change
  • Is a full-time physician working as an MFM specialist
  • Wants to bring awareness to social issues involving women
  • Spends her free time experimenting with international cuisine

Komal Choksi

Chairwoman of Outreach and Group Moderator

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Chandani Shah,

COO of United 4 Social Change
  • Developed an intense passion for raising social awareness in society through her participation in debate
  • Loves writing about a variety of topics, but has mostly written about issues concerning women in India for I4SC
  • Enjoys discussing mental health, women’s rights, writing, and social activism.