Women 4 Social Change has introduced four sub-groups for networking purposes.

W4SC’s Health and Fitness Program

Our health and fitness group provides women with a platform to gain access to health challenges, various diets and exercises, and advice that are directed towards women’s physical need. We realize how difficult it can be for women to find health programs that adhere specifically to women’s physiological needs and therefore use this program to be the perfect platform to do so.

W4SC’s Marketplace

Our marketplace serves primarily to provide women entrepreneurs with a platform to publicize and share their goods. We currently have approximately 6-8 active vendors participating in the program and almost 200 members interested in supporting the vendors.

W4SC Survivors

Our survivors group functions as a support group for people with chronic diseases and/or caretakers of people with chronic diseases. We hope to expand our program to help people who face the challenge of dealing with death and grief associated with this. It helps to have the support of someone that is experiencing something similar to you, and we hope as this program expands that everyone who seeks individualized support can obtain it.

W4SC’s Hand-Me-Down Program

Our hand-me-down program is used for women to offer and receive used clothes, technology, appliances, furniture, and more. It serves to cater to the different needs women have with financial burdens as a result of birth, adoption, divorce, etc. We encourage women to sell used suits for interviews, for example, for women who separated from their partners due to domestic violence and are seeking forms of financial independence.