Women 4 Social Change offers various volunteer opportunities depending on schedules and levels of commitment each volunteer wants to contribute.

Here we have outlined the options for volunteering. Each level introduces an option that varies in the amount of involvement and time needed.

  1. The highest level of involvement would be to open up a club at your school. If you are interested in this, contact [email protected] and she can help you get started! You would meet on a weekly/biweekly basis and discuss various issues such as mental health, women empowerment and equality,  violence against girls/women, climate change, etc.
  2. The second option would involve you talking to your peers about topics that matter to you such as mental health, bullying, talking about consent and so on. This option can range from doing a live discussion on Facebook, creating a presentation/video, or even hosting an in-person event.
  3. The third option would involve collecting donations for our shelter project. We would either collect the donations from you or find a shelter close to you where you could directly make the donations (based on your location).
  4. Another option (that requires similar time commitment) is going to senior citizens’ homes and spending time with them. This can be translated into teaching them some basic technology, cooking with them, and much more!
  5. The final option is for you to write articles for United 4 Social Change. You can earn community service hours depending on how many articles you submit. Again, you can contact [email protected] for more information about this. If you are interested in our internships, you can sign up here https://united4sc.org/internships-writing/ or https://united4sc.org/internships-public-speaking/.   
  6. You can pursue a volunteer opportunity with our organization by visiting our main organization’s volunteer page: https://united4sc.org/volunteer/.

If these options don’t interest you or you have something else in mind and would like our help with it, contact us and we will try to work on something together! Thank you again for your interest in our organization and we look forward to working with you!