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First Meet-Up

Location: Long Island, NY

Date/Time: September 20th 2018, 7:30pm-10:30pm

Event Description: On September 20th, Women 4 Social Change group held its first meet-up at a restaurant in Long Island, New York.  The main purpose of this event was to discuss the future goals of the group and get to know the active members. Approximately 35 members attended the event.  Jalpa Shah, the administrator of the group discussed how the group originated and what the group wants to achieve. Komal Choksi and Sapna Mereker, moderators of the group, also attended and shared why they chose to be part of this project. Additionally, Zarna Shah, a psychotherapist gave an excellent talk about vulnerability. The video of her talk is available on YouTube for those interested in viewing it. The talk was very well-liked by the attendees. A few members came forward and shared their stories and how this group has helped them in their lives. Our first event proved to be very successful and garnered a lot of rising interest in our organization.

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